Delhi could be getting a giant air-purifier tower soon

Delhi could be getting a giant air-purifier tower soon

Delhi could be getting a giant air-purifier tower soon

North India faces one of the worst conditions, especially during the November to January period, in terms of air quality. Air pollution levels are generally high in metro cities thanks to heavy vehicular and industrial emissions, it is particularly higher in the National Capital Region (NCR) as compared to other big cities. Add to this the the dropping temperatures that make pollutant particles settle in the air. And then there is Diwali, the time when the entire nation literally lights up and indulges in a heavy session of burning fire-crackers, thereby adding to air pollutants. Another significant factor that pushes things to severe levels is the burning of agricultural stubble in the states bordering Delhi.

Kurin Systems, a well-known name in the air purification space, has now come up with a solution that makes us wonder why didn’t we do this before? The solution is simple – a giant air purifier.

This is something that China has already employed earlier in the year where it up a 100-metre-high air purification tower in Xian in Shaanxi province which reportedly has helped reduce smog levels in the city.

Co-founder at Kurin Systems, explained that while the idea is relatively simple, there are a bunch of complications when it comes to installing a giant air-purifier.

The giant air-purifier is about 40-feet in height and 20-feet wide on each side. It would have the capacity to clean 32 million cubic meters of air per day. In comparison, the 100-feet air purifier in China managed to clean 10 million cubic meters of air a day after its launch. According to Puri, it can provide clean air in the three-km radius of their placement, helping as much as 75,000 people in the area.

The device is designed in such a way that it can suck air in from all 360-degree angles and generate 1,300,000 cubic meters of clean air per hour. It has nine-stage purification process that makes use of H14 grade highly effective particulate air (HEPA) filters which are said to clean up to 99.99% of the particulate matter present in the air along with a pre-filter and activated carbon. Apart from the filters, there are 48 fans to create the air-flow and the giant filter is capable of running completely on solar energy, provided there is enough space. It is notable that this air purifier does not depend on ionisation since it does not eradicate the pollutants but only separates the pollutants from oxygen

“We are in talks with the state and central governments to deploy our air purifier in the capital city of New Delhi. Instead of installing such a device in a central location, our plan is to install the first one near the Anand Vihar dumping ground in east Delhi. The reason for this location is that it is one of the most toxic areas emitting gases and harmful particles in the air throughout the year. Once we get the first one up, we plan to cover more such areas as well as industrial locations,” Puri said.

But clean air can’t be cheap, can it? The project is expected to cost anything between Rs 1.75 crores to Rs 2 crores per tower.

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