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Rainfall and heavy flooding have destroyed large parts of Kerala

Rainfall and heavy flooding have destroyed large parts of Kerala

Kerala received heavy monsoon rainfall on the mid evening of August 14 resulting in dams filling to capacity; in the first 24 hours of rainfall the state received 310mm of rain. Almost all dams have been opened since the water level has risen due to heavy rainfall, flooding local low-lying areas. For the first time in the state’s history, 35 of its 42 dams have been opened

324 people dead, Kerala is witnessing one of the worst natural calamities to have hit the state in a century. The rains have not only brought floods but also triggered landslides in the state, bringing Kerala to an abrupt. All means of transportation have been affected by the torrential rains which have displaced almost three lakh people.

Rainfall and heavy flooding have destroyed large parts of Kerala
Khalsa Aid volunteers prepare langar (fresh meals) for flood-hit people at a gurdwara in Kochi.

As people of Kerala battle worst floods in over a century, Punjab which is known for following Guru Nanak’s teachings of ‘vand chhak’ (sharing with less fortunate and eating together) and langar (community kitchens)- has stepped up to help. On Saturday, one lakh packets of relief material were dispatched from Ludhiana by the government of Punjab. Meanwhile, a team of Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid has landed in Kochi (district Ernakulam) and started serving fresh hot meals (langar) to the flood-hit people. Volunteers have adopted a relief camp where meals are being served to 3,000 people. A group of Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid reached Kerala Friday and started preparing fresh food (langar) with the help of Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Thevara.

Several funds and arrangements have been set up to help out those affected by the deluge and people at large have been rampantly sharing helpline numbers and details for contributing money and amenities to the state. But with all the chaos and the madness that is ensuing, it is fairly easy to get confused.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan has been repeatedly sharing the details of how to contribute to the CM’s fund on his social media handles. You can go the direct link to make a donation. EVERY CONTRIBUTION COUNTS.

You can also send money by cheque/DD or internet banking.

Account number: 67319948232
Bank: SBI
Branch: City Branch, TVM
IFSC Code: SBIN0070028
Name of Donee: CMDRF
PAN detail: AAAGD0584M

Address for cheques: The Principal Secretary (Finance) Treasurer, Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram.

Helpline numbers for relief and rescue operations

Rainfall and heavy flooding have destroyed large parts of Kerala
Helpline no. by Kerala gov.

Donate an amount, enlist as volunteer or contribute other essentials through independent websites: 

Considering how it is often difficult to communicate during natural disasters, the state government along with Kerala State IT Mission and IEEE has come up with KeralaRescue – a website specifically designated for the relief and rescue mission in the state.

The website has six categories for request for helpdistrict needscontributionvolunteer workregistered requestsrequest mapregister as NGO, and contact.

Rapid Response India has also released an appeal for donating to the Kerala Relief Fund.

You can go to the website or donate through their Ketto fundraiser campaign or through a cheque/DD. All Donations to Rapid Response are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.

Account Name: Rapid Response
Account Number: 50200002115108
IFSC Code: HDFC0001038
Bank: HDFC Bank, Branch: Avadi.
Bank Address: No: 369, Kamaraj Nagar, Avadi, Chennai – 600 071.

Please write the cheque payable to RAPID RESPONSE and post it to: Rapid Response, #10, Vysial Street, Heritage Town, Pondicherry – 605001.

The NGO Goonj is also asking you to contribute money and/or essentials to the nearest drop centreavailable in your city.


PayTM has promised users that it will match their contribution rupee for rupee. If a user contributes ₹100, PayTM will also contribute ₹100 to the CMDRF.

Open the PayTM app and tap on the Kerala Floods icon on the homepage, and contribute through this.


Google has put out a consolidated and pin-dropped map of Kerala where you can find shelters, relief operations, food and water, jeep rescues, pick up and drop-off points for relief materials, volunteers, medicines and essentials etc.

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