Bio-Compostable Bags That Dissolve in Hot Water & Burn to Ash

Bio-Compostable Bags That Dissolve in Hot Water & Burn to Ash!

Bio-Compostable Bags That Dissolve in Hot Water & Burn to Ash!

India generates over 5.6 million metric tons of plastic waste annually. And the consequences of it are far from a mystery. Landfills and water bodies continue to choke on plastic waste. While plastic bottles take anywhere around 70-450 years to decompose, a plastic bag takes a whopping 500-1000 years.

On Friday Coimbatore Smart City Limited launched ‘My Shopping, My Bag’. As part of its initiative to promote alternative packaging materials for plastic carry bags, has suggested the use of bio compostible bags to the merchant community in the city.Special Officer and Corporation Commissioner K. Vijayakarthikeyan chaired a meeting on bio plastics as part of the smart city initiatives. It was attended by hoteliers, eatery owners and caterers and representatives of various associations including Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore (RAAC).

Facts About Bag.

  • Shelf compostable.
  • No use of harmfull metrial.
  • Made using Tapioca root.
  • Not much costly.
  • Biodegradable in three months.
  • After burn turn into ash.
Bio-Compostable Bags That Dissolve in Hot Water & Burn to Ash!
Tapioca root

These bio-compostable bags have a shelf life of three months and are made using tapioca, a type of starch extracted from cassava root. The cassava roots are biodegradable and compostable, and therefore allow the bags to turn into soil in a matter of a three months and the bag  also dissolve into hot water. With regard to bio compostible plastic bags, the cost was not a major issue as some variants of the bags cost lesser than the packaging materials currently in use and in some variants the cost was up by 20 to 25 %. With raw materials being made locally available and use of existing machinery for manufacturing, even that cost would likely to come down.

According to D. Sreenivasan, president of Coimbatore District Hoteliers’ Association, about 400 hotels in the city use approximately 300 bags each every day. Though some introduced paper carry bags for take away orders, these are expensive.Currently, a couple of hotels are using the bags sourced from Pune.

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