The Airlander 10 "The Flying bum"

AirLander 10, a 302-foot-long hybrid airship

The world’s largest aircraft unveiled plans for its interiors at Farnborough Airshow last week – and they look stunning.Nicknamed “The Flying Bum” because of its posterior-shaped hull.

We were excited back in 2016 to hear that the Airlander 10, a 302-foot-long hybrid airship, was finally taking its first test flight. Our enthusiasm, however, was tempered when on its second flight, the largest aircraft in the world went nose first into the grass near its hangar at a U.K. airfield shortly after take off. But today at the Farnborough Airshow, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), the aerospace company behind the airship, unveiled what the interiors of a tourist-focused Airlander could look like and, well, consider us psyched again.

The interiors—conceived in collaboration with aviation and automobile design firm Design Q—look pretty plush, but if heights aren’t your thing, you might want to reconsider. The couches and bean bags look plenty comfortable, the full bar might serve as a crucial self-medicating hub, and spacious bedrooms look like they belong more in a five-star hotel than an aircraft. But—and this is where vertigo might come in—the cabin is practically covered in glass, including some of the floors, so you can really take in those views from 16,000 feet. Or, you know, have a panic attack. HAV says the Airlander 10 could carry up to 19 passengers on three-day expeditions, with full catering provided. The interior layout is also modular, too, meaning it can be customized depending on the nature of the journey.

Facts About Airlander.
  • The world’s largest aircraft has revealed its interiors – and they’re extremely               luxurious.  
  • Airlander 10 is a 300-foot hybrid airship that plans to take travelers on three-         day  excursions.
  • The airship features en-suite bedrooms, a bar, and a lounge area.
  • There’s also glass flooring so people can take in the views from 16,000 feet.

Airlander 10 is part-plane, part-airship, part-helicopter, built by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV). The £25 million ($33 million) aircraft is 302 feet long, making it about 60 feet longer than the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, which spans nearly 240 feet.HAV plans to take up to 19 passengers on three-day excursions on the Airlander 10, and it looks like they’re in for a treat on board.

The Airlander 10 "The Flying bum"
The Airlander 10 would carry up to 19 passengers
The Airlander 10 "The Flying bum"
Bar Section

The Airlander 10 "The Flying bum"

The Airlander 10 "The Flying bum"
Master bed room
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