The World Largest Underground Water Tank in Tokoy

The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel  is an underground water infrastructure project in Kasukabe, Saitama, Japan. It is the world’s largest underground flood water diversion facility, built to mitigate overflowing of the city’s major waterways and rivers during rain and typhoon seasons. It is located between Showa in Tokyo and Kasukabe in Saitama prefecture, on the outskirts of the city of Tokyo in the Greater Tokyo Area, Japan.

Work on the project started in 1992 and was completed by early 2006. It consists of five concrete containment silos with heights of 65 m and diameters of 32 m, connected by 6.4 km of tunnels, 50 m beneath the surface, as well as a large water tank with a height of 25.4 m, with a length of 177m, with a width of 78m, and with 59 massive pillars connected to 78 10 MW (13,000 hp) pumps that can pump up to 200 tons of water (the approximate equivalent of a standard 25 meter pool) into the Edo River per second.The over all costruction cost was US$2.6bn.



The facility remains dry during the dry seasons and serves as a tourist spot. The tunnel can be accessed through staircases fixed to the silos.

The tunnel was bored using the shield method in order to avoid distortions due to its depth. The work included excavation, construction of lining and muck transportation.

The vast diameter of the tunnel also necessitated the application of a closed type slurry shield method.

Modern technologies were applied for the secondary lining of the tunnel to cut the cost of construction.

Water-tightness is maintained within the tunnel with the help of internal water pressure reacting type segments.

“Ryukyukan” for Underground Exploration Museum of The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is also a tourist attraction and can be visited for free; however, as the tours are conducted in Japanese, a Japanese speaker must be present in the group to act as a translator for non-Japanese speakers.

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